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Are you planning to invest in or move to Riviera Maya?

This tour is for you!

Riviera Maya Real Estate Discovery Tour

booking before Aug 31



OCTOBER 19 - 26TH, 2019




-Understand the Real Estate Market in Riviera Maya

-Find the best opportunities to invest in a property in Riviera Maya

-Find the best legal and financial local advise

-Understand why and how some developments are offering up to

15% Annual ROI through rentals

-Explore the most interesting touristic sites that make this place one

of the most visited spots in the world

-Enjoy and fall in love with this beautiful paradise


WHO is this trip for?

  • Investors who are looking for high returns.

  • Anyone who is looking to get familiar with Riviera Maya and planning to live over there.

  • Pre-retirees looking for sun destination options with a lower cost of living.

  • Investors who want to understand what drives prices in real estate in RM.

  • Digital nomads who want to experience and discover new living environments and a sense of international community.

  • Realtors who want to grow their portfolio and understand why this area attracts investors from all over.


I  T  I  N  E  R  A  R  Y


DAY 1:


DAY 1:

  • Arrival to Cancún Airport where your driver is going to be waiting for you. - Taxi included -

  • Check in at The Shore, condo hotel in Playa del Carmen.


THE SHORE is part of a very important chain of condo hotels in Playa del Carmen that has succeeded in developing "Instagrameable" properties that are able to offer GUARANTEED returns through rentals.

If you are looking for a property to make your money grow fast, this condo-hotel is the best example of great management, high rentals return and beautiful experiences in a great location.

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DAY 2:



DAY 2:

  • 8:00 Breakfast - Included -

  • 9:30 Introduction and welcome

  • 10:30 Condo-hotel models in Playa del Carmen and guaranteed ROI (Tourists area)

  • 12:00 Playacar, the first gated community in Riviera Maya

  • 13:00 Lunch - Included -

  • 15:00 Mayakoba, the most exclusive gated community in Playa del Carmen

  • 17:00 Zazil-Ha, the gentrification process is on

We start our activities enjoying a traditional breakfast over Calle 38, a colorful and full of life street that has became the favourite of European tourists.

After a small introduction meeting where you will meet your hosts and companions on this adventure, we will visit the tourist area in Playa del Carmen where organic markets, condo-hotel developments and bars coexist together and allow this area to have the highest occupancy rate in Riviera Maya. If you are looking for an investment that generates a really good income for you through rentals, keep your eyes wide open and take notes. Property management companies will provide you information about their services as we visit finished and under construction developments.

We will visit Playacar, a gated community next to the heart of Playa. A really beautiful golf course, hotels, services, incredible beaches and beautiful homes are part of this Caribbean picture. After that, we will visit Ciudad Mayakoba, just 5 minutes driving from Playa; this gated community offers lots of services to make your staying or living a real dream: spas, universities ans schools, hospitals, all next to one of the most outstanding golf courses in Mexico.

At the closing of the day we will visit Zazil Ha, where we will be able to witness the effect of the process of gentrification on real time. This city is growing unstoppably.

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DAY 3:


DAY 3:

  • 7:00 Departure towards Chichen-Itza and Valladolid - Breakfast & tickets included -


You may have seen some pictures, you may have heard about it, but nothing can compare to the experience of being mesmerized by this impressive wonder of the World. Chichen-Itzá was one of the main cities of the Mayan Empire a long time before Spaniards arrived to this land and signs of the wisdom, knowledge and fierceness pre-hispanic culture still remain. This is just the beginning.

On our way back to Playa we will visit Valladolid, a colonial-style traditional town where you will face real awe when walking into the underground cenotes scattered around.

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DAY 4:


DAY 4:

  • 8:00 Breakfast - Included -

  • 9:30 Bahía Príncipe

  • 13:00 Akumal (Lunch) - Included -

  • 15:00 Puerto Aventuras

  • 18:00 Legal process info session


Gated communities in Riviera Maya attract people from all around the Globe due to the relaxing environment and sense of natural living. Really high standards of security, services and ammenities, golf courses, dolphins, great beach clubs with tons of activities for everybody and the most exclusive restaurants, are just some of the features that Puerto Aventuras and Bahía Príncipe have to offer.

After a talk about legal processes, we will close the day with a yatch tour for you to be able to admire the shores of Akumal and picture yourself being part of these exclusive areas.

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DAY 5:


DAY 5:

  • 8:00 Breakfast - Included -

  • 9:30 Tulum departure

  • 10:30 Holístika: Wellness and minfulness center

  • 11:30 La Veleta: The Real Estate Boom!

  • 13:00 Lunch by the beach - Included -

  • 15:30 Aldea Zamá

  • 17:00 Kuxtal means life - Investing in land

  • 20:00 hrs. Dinner at La Quinta - Included -


Holistic living is the escence of Tulum. People going from the jungle to the beach and viceversa on a bycicle, enjoying the fresh air and the exhuberant nature while feeling a deep connection with themselves.

Discover why Tulum has become the main spot for celebrities to spend their spare time and how this has made a boom on the Real Estate Market. We will visit the main areas where the growth is happening day by day and you will be able to understand how is it that this up to 15% ROI guaranteed per year is possible.

After visiting La Veleta, where we will visit some of the most interesting developments with incredible designs, we will enjoy a fresh lunch by the shore of the Caribbean Sea; then we will go deep in the jungle to find the mesmerizing mix of mayan and contemporary architecture.

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DAY 6:



DAY 6:

  • 8:00 Breakfast - Included -


  • 9:30 Living In México

  • 11:00 Property Management companies and ROI

  • 12:30 Closing costs and taxes

  • 15:00 Surprise tour

After our regular breakfast and a walk under the trees of the Quinta Avenida, we will have a series of talks about the legal procedures and implications of living and investing in México. For those who want to re-visit or have more information about any specific developer / development, we will have free time during the afternoon.

Later we will have surprise tour, that could be to Cozumel, some cenotes, to the jungle or to snorkel around.

DAY 7:



DAY 7:

Free day to formalize your purchase. Our financial and legal advisors will provide you all the analysis for you to have a clear idea both in the financial and legal sides.

DAY 8:



DAY 8:

Free time: Departure - Taxi to airport included -





-Studio single: $1,600 USD -10% Disc.     $1,440 USD per person

-Studio double: $1,250 USD - 10% Disc.     $1,125 USD per person

-1 BR double: $1,400 USD - 10% Disc     $1,260 USD per person

Discount valid up to August 31.

Trip includes:





-3 lunches, 1 dinner

-Taxis and transportation