Emily Bron
International Lifestyle Consultant

Emily Bron - International Lifestyle Consultant

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International Lifestyle Consultation 

What is included

a.  In this discovery session to get to know you – we will discuss the best location for your desired lifestyle, budget, interests, family situation and personality type.
b.  We’ll discuss your plans and desired destination – and I will provide you with helpful materials and additional information that can help you in making your decision.

After reviewing the Know Yourself Questionnaire, I can answer questions specific to your destination of choice. Each location has unique nuances, and this will aid you in making an informed choice.

We will address your more detailed relocation questions such as: immigration, legal, financial or taxation, real estate rental, purchase or investment options, medical insurance, etc. I will connect you with local service providers for the selected destination.

Consultations are offered via Skype, WhatsApp or Zoom, select available  calendar time:  Monday- Friday,  12 p.m. – 7 p.m. EST, Toronto time

           Also available:

  • Custom Report – fee ranges from 100-600$
  • Information Packages & Reports on locations not listed, Medical Tourism, and other special requirements. 

For a more in-depth and personalized consultation, please, complete and send this Know Yourself Questionnaire to [email protected] prior to meeting

You will learn:

  • The best destination to enjoy the lifestyle you always wanted
  • Local resources & service suppliers
  • Local regulations
  • Zero in on the relocation area
  • Simple steps for your relocation action plan and to retire abroad

Don't let a lack of information
stand in the way of your dream lifestyle!

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