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Emily Bron knows firsthand what it takes to relocate to a foreign country, and shares her wealth of knowledge to help others achieve this dream. Receiving the right advice at key moments when planning your move, can help you avoid costly mistakes, wasted opportunities, and saves you time. The concept of International Lifestyle Consulting came from Emily’s passion to help others retire or live overseas. She believes that if planned right, moving to another country can be an exciting adventure that can improve your quality of life for many years to come.

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Personalized approach

Emily is an avid traveler, and will offer you the latest information that will help you make an informed decision on the perfect destination to fit your lifestyle.


Variety of destinations

Are you looking for the best places in world to retire on a budget? Would you like to live internationally while working remotely? Choose from a variety of destinations in Europe, Mexico, and South America.


Discovery Tours

Traveling to the destination of your choice is a great way to explore living in a country that will fit your lifestyle. Your exploratory journey can be much more productive through the guidance and planning you will receive from Emily.

Consultations with Emily Bron will help you save a lot of time on research, and give you access to information and resources that you will not find anywhere else.


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